The Dallas Handweavers and Spinners Guild sponsors a variety of workshops, many with nationally known weavers, spinners or dyers. You will find the next upcoming workshop listed directly below. For general information about our workshop guidelines and policies, scroll down the page.

Workshop Overview

General Information for Workshops:

Workshops provide an educational opportunity for members and non-members by offering one, two, three, or four day sessions with exceptionally skilled local and nationally known teachers of fiber arts. The goal is to provide quality instruction at a reasonable price.

Workshops are not intended for DHSG profit, they are structured to cover costs and provide fair pay and expense reimbursement for instructors.. The final cost will vary depending on number of registered participants, instructor fees, instructor expense reimbursement, materials costs and venue. The cost estimate and deadlines for a given workshop will be announced in advance.

Workshop Guidelines: Members will receive information about upcoming workshops ahead of announcement to non-members. Members will have priority for registration during the member priority period. An announcement will be made to the public after the member priority period. Participants will use the online system for registration deposits and full payments.

What if …

• What if I don’t have access to an online system for registration and payment? The workshop coordinator (or proxy) will accept checks at regular Guild Meetings from those unable to access the online system.

• What if I have to drop out? Full refunds will be made prior to the final cancellation date. Cancellations after the final cancellation date, will only receive a refund of any funds beyond the deposit. The deposit amount will not be refunded after the cancellation date.

• What if the workshop is full? A waiting list will be maintained through the online system and waitlisted individuals will be required to pay in full. They will be moved on a first-come-first-served basis into open slots of the workshop after the final cancellation date.

• What if I haven't paid fully? The deposit and full enrollment fees are required by the final cancellation date or forfeit your deposit and workshop registration. Registrants that are not fully paid will not be allowed to take the workshop.

• What if the workshop is cancelled? You will receive a full refund.

Tips for a Successful Workshop:

• Watch workshop deposit, full payment and cancellation deadlines.

• Arrive in time to set up equipment before class start.

• Check that you have all listed materials.

• Take breaks and lunch according to the instructor's schedule. Bring a sack lunch to save time.