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Buy/Sell/Pass Along Submission Forms

Listing your equipment

If you are interested in selling a loom or spinning wheel, you can create a full listing that we can use on the Dallas Handweavers and Spinners Guild (DHSG) website (the form buttons are down below). Equipment garners more interest if you:

 Know the brand/model and provide it in the title, and provide adequate pictures.

Try to locate brand markings on the equipment to identify the brand or maker of the loom. If you don’t know a price, we recommend a Google search to find similar used loom listings on eBay or other weaving store listings, taking into consideration the relative age, condition, and how quickly you want to sell the equipment. Another resource is Homestead Weaver ( where  you can also list your item for sale and/or use this as a resource for establishing a price. Please understand that there can be a VERY wide range of prices for used equipment! DH&SG cannot provide pricing suggestions or valuaritons of equipment. 

NOTE: Please contact us when your item is sold so we can remove the listing. Otherwise, we will keep your listing up for 2 months, and if we aren’t contacted within that time period, we will take the listing down. It is YOUR responsibility to resubmit if you want to continue the listing.

A Word of Caution...

Buyers and sellers should stay alert to potential scams whenever they transact over the internet or by phone. The DHSG website is not immune from scammers, so please stay alert and if the situation doesn’t sound right, steer clear. If you want to educate yourself further on scam emails, The Homestead Weaver ( website below has many examples of scammer emails relating to the sale of weaving equipment. 

By submitting your listing information, you assume all risk for your listing and any transactions, or lack thereof, related to your listing on this website. DHSG makes to guarantees about the content, quality or success of any listing or transaction between you and the buyer.

Need a diagram with loom terminology? 
Need a diagram with spinning wheel terminology?

Select the type of item you wish to list below and you will be asked to fill in the basic information we need to list your item for publication on our site or newsletter.  The more information you provide, the better. Submit this form at the bottom along with photos of the equipment. 

For looms, please include pictures of the front (including the treadles), back (including the warp beam with the crank handle), side. Close ups of the brand label, and pictures of any included additional equipment.

For spinning wheels, please include pictures of the whole wheel, along with  close ups of brand markings, bobbin flyer/maiden/mother-of-all section, the treadle and footmen. 

Loom Listing

Spinning Wheel Listing

Other Listing