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Dallas Handweavers and Spinners Guild

The Dallas Handweavers and Spinners Guild is dedicated to promoting the art of weaving and the craft of fiber work through education, member activities, and mutual support. The Guild promotes fellowship among members with meetings Sept. through May, educational workshops and community demonstrations. 

The DHSG’s exhibits give each member an opportunity to show off their latest treasures. We invite you to join us and experience the camaraderie of our members and the interesting topics at one of our general meetings.

If you currently live in North Texas, or plan to visit our area, please join us at our regular meetings, or sign up for workshops or special events.
Contact us for more details.

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Guild members meet September through May on the first Saturday of each month at 9:30 am. We have met physically at The Point, Center for Arts and Education on the campus of the CC Young Memorial Home, located at 4829 West Lawther Drive, in East Dallas near White Lake, but during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are meeting virtually via Zoom. We enjoy friendships, old and new, and learn from speakers on a wide range of subjects and areas of interest to our members. Each meeting presents a different topic, many times a hands-on topic, and each year our program chairperson tempts members to experiment with a new range of ideas to explore.

Dallas Handweavers and Spinners Guild is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and our mission is to educate the community about weaving, spinning and the fiber arts. Please utilize the programs below to support the Guild. Thanks to these retail partners, whose collaborative fund-raising programs help to support our mission, and our communities.

General Membership Meeting

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Program by DH&SG Study Group on Color

Meeting will be face-to-face & Zoom
Program will begin at 10:00 am.

Last year, Gloria Gatti presented a program on color blending that inspired us to further explore the subject of color in our study group. This year, two Guild Programs: Color In Cloth, by Cameron Taylor Brown and Showcasing Painted Warps, by Tien Chiu have also helped us focus on how basic principles of color theory affect our choices of color in weaving. Studies include: color gradients, color and weave, blending colors in spinning, simultaneous contrast, color gamp, iridescence and more.

I hope you will join us at the May Guild Meeting where you will see and hear about a variety of experiences given by the many competent and creative members of the study group.

We will be meeting at Hinke Schroen’s house.  Program will start at 10 a.m., but arrive anytime after 9:30 to visit.  Looking forward to seeing everyone in person again!

2022 May President's Message

Wow! Time really does fly when you are having fun! Has it been two years since I began my term as President? So much has happened and we have accomplished so much. We demonstrated weaving and spinning for the public at Sam Rayburn House and Plano Heritage Farm, cleaned out and moved our storage unit, added many wonderful books to our library, held two wonderful study groups on double weave and color, wove many plastic bag mats for charity, got our Zoom on so we could continue meeting through the pandemic, held two wonderful Off-the-shelf parties, had a field trip to Fancy Fibers, and many casual spinning get togethers including two Roc day celebrations. We also got to hear Catherine Ellis with her beautiful woven shibori artwork, Marilyn Romatka and her tour of Uzbekistan textiles, Gloria Haefner-Gatti and her mathematical arrangements of colors, Melissa Weaver Dunning and the textiles and history of Acadian Weaving, Cameron Taylor Brown discussion color in cloth, and Tien Chiu showing us how to use and showcase painted warps. 

We collaborated and exchanged with other guilds and fiber art organizations. Casey Johnson provided a beautiful sample of shadow weave with four colors for the Contemporary Handweavers of Texas (CHT) newsletter, and the guild provided a lovely raffle basket for CHT Conference in San Antonio. And some of our members participated in the Fort Worth Guild’s workshops with Jennifer Moore and a Juried Exhibition for “Texas Botanicals”. We also had the Philadelphia Weaver Guild reach out to us and share their YouTube list of weaving and art related videos and invited us to join one of their movie nights. And behind the scenes, we have been collaborating with the Austin Weavers and Spinners Society to forge a path with technology, as well as heavily collaborating with the CHT webmaster (Funny story … I am the CHT webmaster! So the collaboration takes place sometimes when I am asleep!).


We also had fantastic programs from our very own members. Cynthia Bohnenblust and Rebecca Shank’s Itajime lesson for folding and dyeing design, Cate Buchanan’s lesson on pretty and useful tying of decorative knots,  Mary Berry’s program on spinning for color and using handspun colored yarn in your weaving and knitting, and Judy Mortenson’s lovely bird ornaments (I still have some ribbon to try a second one.). Plus, we got to collectively present what we do with leftover fabrics, projects from a summer challenge inspired by a photograph, and a presentation of our double weave study group projects.

All the programs and activities were both memorable and exciting, but most important to me is how my term as President has allowed me to get to know members, deepen friendships, and expand my understanding of the guild and how well it works as an organization. Everyone in the weaving and spinning world, and especially within our guild and our board is generous with their time and talents, and always willing to spread their love for fiber art. 

I leave the guild in very capable hands as I pass the golden shuttle to Linda Fleming. I am really looking forward to seeing what fun things we will do and what we will accomplish in the future together. 

With gratitude,
Laura Herriott

 P.S. The first image shows a woven shibori project that I really enjoyed weaving and dyeing this past year inspired by Catherine Ellis’ program.

P.S.S. The second image shows a warp I am proud of, where I overcame my fear of winding a warp with lots of color changes. It is always so satisfying to look at a warp on the back beam. This warp was for the Gorgeous Gradients class with Tien Chiu.

Benefits of Membership to DH&SG

Another benefit of membership is having access to our wonderful library of books, magazines, periodicals, and equipment that you can rent! The screen to the right links to our digital library and randomly scrolls through our collection. See a book you’re interested in?

With your guild membership ID, you can reserve and check books out. Connect to a community that keeps growing and learning! Join today!