Dallas Handweavers and Spinners Guild Activities

The Dallas Handweavers and Spinners Guild has a variety of programs, workshops, and study groups that are open to our members (& visitors!). This page highlights the activities we have hosted in the past. We welcome you into our group of passionate weavers, spinners, and dyers! For more information email us at dallashandweavers@gmail.com

Meeting Programs

Laura's Band square
Band Weaving by Laura Herriott
The Reeds square
Ondulé reeds by Margaret Arafat
interlocked eights scarf square
Single Two-Tie Pick-up Weaving by Cate Buchanan
Folded Loops copy square
Origami weaving by Cate Buchanan
ikat on loom square
Uzbekistan ikat by Marilyn Romatka
04/02/21 Daryl Lancaster Lecture
03/06/21 Decorative Knots - Cate Buchanan
02/06/21 Fold & Design - Cynthia Bohnenblust and Rebecca Shanks
01/02/21 Color by Number - Gloria Haefner-Gatti
12/07/20 DH&SG Holiday Party - Off the Shelf
11/07/20 Uzbek Ikat - Marilyn Romatka
10/05/20 The Intersection of Dyeing and Weaving - Catharine Ellis (Zoom)
09/03/20 Try Something New DH&SG member Show & Tell (Zoom)
05/02/20 Stubenitsky Study Group participant Show & Tell (Zoom)
04/04/20 Member Show & Tell (Zoom)
03/07/20 Band Weaving - Christina Smith
02/01/20 Origami Weaving - Cate Buchanan
01/04/20 Card Weaving - Laura Herriott
11/02/19 Weaving with an Ondulé reed - Margaret Arafat
10/05/19 Photographing your Textiles - Christine Miller
09/07/19 Weaving and Spinning Online Resources - Linda Fleming

Study Group Topics

CKM Echo & Iris square
Echo & Iris scarf by Christine Miller
CKM Tied Weave
Tied Weave Hand Towels by Christine Miller
George Christ Theo Moorman
Theo Moorman Study by George Christ
Rebecca Stubenitsky Code
Stubenitsky Code Towels by Rebecca Shanks
CKM Left Brain square
Double Weave Pick Up by Christine Miller
2020/2021 Double Weave
2019/2020 Stubenitsky Code
2018/2019 Theo Moorman Techniques
2017/2018 Tied Weaves
2016/2017 Stubenitsky Echo & Iris

DH&SG Sponsored Workshops

Oct. 2019 Off the Grid - Elisabeth Hill