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One of the benefits of membership is a listing on the Gallery page showing examples of your weaving, spinning or dyeing. To get your listing, email the webmaster at [email protected]

Member Gallery

Welcome to our Member Gallery! The Dallas Handweavers & Spinners Guild members’ work has an exceptional depth and breadth of skill, experience, and creativity.

Cate Buchanan

Cate Buchanan has been weaving for over half of her life, which astonishes her. She weaves both professionally as the Senior Product Development Designer at Perennials Fabrics in Dallas, and personally on a rapidly growing collection of looms at home.

Complex weave structures are her main interest and she continues to experiment with new weave structures and arrangements.

George Christ

I started weaving over 40 years ago, but didn’t keep it up in a consistent way until the late 1990’s. I studied weaving with Anna Barry, and have learned a lot in the Dallas Handweavers Study Groups.

Early on, I started entering the State Fair of Texas. I enjoy preparing the entries and participating in the fair. The four pictures show different entries from past State Fairs. The rug with blue squares is a 4 thread block weave.

I used variegated yarn for the squares. The scarf in the display case is a rose path pattern. A friend, who used to weave, gave me some gray silk. I wove two scarves for her, using the silk as the warp. The multi-colored scarf is from the Study Group when we studied Echo and Iris. The tencel yarn made a wonderful weight. The rug is a summer/winter variation where I manipulated the colors throughout.

Linda Fleming

I have been spinning for about 20 years and weaving for about 10 years. 

I also enjoy dyeing my handspun yarn and sewing using my handwoven fabric. I like to weave scarves and hand towels.

Shannon Hardy

Shannon first learned to weave in college. Nancy Mack, her weaving teacher, required all students to take a semester of “off loom weaving” before she would let them go any further. 

Weaving with cards, Inkle looms, and found objects, she became hooked and progressed to loom weaving, knowing that weaving would always be a part of her life.

Her favorite yarns to work with are cotton and silk, although she likes linen and linen blends and often incorporates them into her work.

She is strongly attracted to color and usually buys the yarns she likes first and then figures out the project.

Christine Miller

Christine is a life long fiber artist with experience in weaving, sewing, basketry, embroidery, felting, dyeing, knitting, crochet, and fiber sculpture. She is a former visual arts educator with local and national arts education recognition. 

She continues teaching in k12 programs through her Visiting Artist presentation of Fibers in 21st c. STEAM applications. Christine conducts fiber related classes and workshops and is available for art commissions. You may contact her via email at [email protected] and find out more about her Weaving with Wire workshops at

Rebecca Shanks

Rebecca Shanks has been interested in cloth, clothing construction, dissection and re-assembling things all her life. Her fascination with weaving cloth began in 1973 at UNT (then known as NTSU).

Basket weaving led her to loom weaving and loom weaving led her back to basket weaving as well as seat weaving. 

She can be found weaving simple objects, towels, scarves in complex structures (collapse weave) or weaving cloth for garments using the simplest structure (twills and plain weave) or weaving a 7 step cane table top out of plastic lanyard and covering with glass. Trying new techniques in basket weaving will lead to trying it using watercolor paper, she likes to use traditional techniques in innovative ways if possible. Color is her friend!

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