Study Group 2020/2021

This year the Study Group will explore the wide world of double weave. Participants can choose any double weave approach they are interested in.

Double Weave Study Group

The subject for this year will be Double Weave, which includes many variations beyond the basic structure of weaving multiple layers of cloth: backed weaves, integrated weaves, false double weave, matelasse or stitched double weave, pick-up, Finnweave, deflected double weave and multi-color double weave. We hope to explore all of these and inspire each other. Books and magazines that you may have in your own collections are full of ideas. I have prepared a Double Weave Source list for anyone interested in joining the group this year. Most of the books and many of the magazines are also in the Guild Library.

Study Group 2019/2020

This year's Study Group focus will be on the Stubenitsky Code by Marian Stubenitsky..

Study Group Meeting

September 9, 2019
We will kick off the the 2019/2020 Stubenitsky Code Group - email for more info, you can jump in at any time:

The subject of this years study will be the the Stubenitsky Code. It is an interesting method of design developed on many structures you are already familiar with and will appeal to to new and experienced weavers with 4, 8, or more harnesses. I recommend buying the book, though if you want to look it over, the guild does have a copy that you can check out for one month.You can contact Phyllis Murry at if you would like to join the group. More information will be presented at the September 7th guild meeting.

Study Group 2018/2019

This year's Study Group focus will be on the Theo Moorman Technique..

The 2018/2019 Study Group focused on the Theo Moorman Technique. Theo Moorman created monumental commissioned works by using a technique that she created as an easier alternative to traditional tapestry weaving. Using a 2 warp system on a floor loom, the Moorman Technique is a method of inlaying weft yarns using a tie down system of warp yarns. Here are a couple of examples of Theo Moorman explorations by our Guild members.

Study Group 2018

The 2018 Study Group topic was tied weaves. Led by Phyllis Murray, the participants explored tied weaves and interpreted them with their own unique vision.