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April 25, 2018

How It’s Made – Navajo Rugs

This short video shows the process of spinning, dyeing and weaving wool to make a Navajo rug.  One of my art educator colleagues is a tapestry weaver, a process I have great respect for.  I shared some of the wool I had with her last week for future projects.  Navajo rugs are created using a tapestry structure, with some additional attention to details.  When I was a young weaver, I took a course on weaving on a traditional Navajo loom.  Although I didn’t continue down that weaving path, I have deeper appreciation for the process since I tried it for myself.  One of the special details of a Navajo rug is the way they set up the looman start their weaving to create 4 woven selvedges, eliminating the need to needle weave warp ends back into the weft faced woven structure.  Navajo rugs are so elegant and so beautiful, and have a really interesting history.   There are many paths and traditions a modern weaver can explore and try on to find the type of weaving they love the most.  Find out more about these beautiful rugs!

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