Dallas Handweavers and Spinners Guild


Sometimes, inspiration comes from unexpected places. John and I decided we needed some new placemats for the breakfast area. So, we went to a store and found several that we liked and bought a couple of different patterns. As I looked closely at one of the patterns, I decided to try to figure out how to weave the pattern. It is an undulating twill, and I thought it would take 5 shafts to duplicate the pattern. After the last board meeting, I asked the members to see how many shafts they thought it would take. We agreed that it is a 5-shaft pattern. Since the placemat was woven with plastic threads and fused together, I would have to do some other techniques to keep it from falling apart (there are many floats in this pattern). I’m thinking of a scarf in tencel, maybe using variegated yarn.

Where will you find your next inspiration? There are many places where we can find color inspiration, pattern inspiration, or texture inspiration. So, here’s a challenge: find something that inspires you and be creative!

Happy Weaving and Spinning!