We Meet at C.C. Young Senior Living in Dallas, TX

April 2019 Events

May 2019 Events

General Meeting - Study Group Show & Tell AND a preview of the September 2018 Handwoven article on the Bauhaus

May 4, 2019 General Meeting at C.C. Young, The Point, Meeting Room behind the Fitness Room - 9:30

Don't miss this meeting! The Study Group will have a show and tell presentation (the group is studying the Theo Moorman technique) with the participants projects from their year long investigation. Joan Cotter will also preview the article that will be published in the September 2019 Handwoven on the Bauhaus.

May Board Meeting

May 4, 2019
Any member is invited to attend the monthly board meeting which will take place at C.C. Young immediately following the general meeting. End time of meeting approximately 1:00 p.m.